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Sports and Fun at Lake Wörthersee

Whether cycling, swimming, diving, golfing, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, playing tennis, water skiing or boating… you can do all that here in Carinthia.

Cycling &
Mountain Biking

Lake Wörthersee and neighbouring regions offer  many great opportunities to explore nature and the lake by bike.

The region around Carinthia’s most popular lake is perfect for training. In 1987 the Road World Championship took place in this area. It is also famous for the Ironman Triathlon, which takes place once a year.

Lake Wörthersee car-free – Ask about the date! (once a year)
From 10.00 am until 5.00 pm the streets around the lake are closed for all motorized traffic. By bike or inline skates one can enjoy the incredible atmosphere.

Hiking and Golfing

There are numerous hiking trails in the national parks in Carinthia. Whether you are looking for challenging or family-friendly trails, here in Carinthia young and old can explore the great outdoors. The beautiful circular hiking trail “Wörthersee-Rundwanderweg” is particularly popular in spring and autumn!

Golfing in Carinthia

There are numerous golf courses around the Lake Wörthersee and in Carinthia. You could go to a different one everyday. The Alps-Adriatic Area offers more than 20 golf courses. Each one is quickly and easily reached from our hotel.

Relax at Lake Wörthersee

A summer just like in past times – with the family, games and fun!

The popular public beach “Parkbad Krumpendorf” – one of the most beautiful bathing areas at the lake – is only a few walking minutes away from our hotel.

Our guests can enter this public beach for free and enjoy the lake’s crystal clear water with up to 28 degrees.

Make use of the pleasant air temperature and the healthy climate – especially in early and late seasons. It’s one of the most beautiful Alpine lakes in Europe!

Culture at Lake Wörthersee

The region full of culture in the south of Austria has a lot to offer in various fields, like the theatre, cabaret, and music: there are a four-section theatre, independent theatre groups, almost 100 cultural associations, choirs and numerous art galleries situated close to Lake Wörthersee.

Klagenfurt is also the native town of the writers Robert Musil and Ingeborg Bachmann. Especially the the main theatre in Klagenfurt, “Klagenfurter Stadttheater“, regularly offers a variety of interesting plays with theatrical work on the highest level. 

Destinations in Carinthia

Discover the top destinations in Carinthia. There are numerous mountain railways, the eagle show at castle Landskron, the zoo and castle Rosegg, the viewing tower “Pyramidenkogel”, the castle Hochosterwitz, Minimundus, the Lindworm dragon (“Lindwurm”), the reptile zoo “Happ”, the stalactite caves “Obir- Tropfsteinhöhlen”, national parks and much more. You can visit more than 100 destinations for free with the Kärnten Card (Carinthia Card).

  • Nature adventures
  • Zoo and wildlife experiences
  • Waterparks
  • Panorama roads
  • Museums
  • Leisure activities
  • Mountain railways
  • Boat trips
  • Further means of transport

Winter at Lake Wörthersee

Hotel Kärnten around winter and the Christmas time: Make use of the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of this peaceful season. You can choose to do various winter activities: tobogganing, skiing, ice skating, curling, the adventure indoor pool in Klagenfurt and the thermal bath “Kärnten Therme Villach”…

Skiing in Carinthia This is the place where Franz Klammer learned how to ski, where we have the so-called “Sonnenschilauf”, where you can find numerous skiing regions close by; that’s where I choose to go on a holiday. The skiing regions can be reached easily from our hotel. Within only 25 minutes by car you can reach the closest ski lift.
Skiing regions: the Gerlitzen, the Nassfeld Pass, Bad Kleinkirchheim, the Turracherhöhe, the tri-border area, the Simonhöhe, the Petzen, the Katschberg Pass …
Christmas Markets The Christmas markets in Klagenfurt, Pörtschach, Velden and Villach are particularly popular. They are also easily accessible without a car. One can go there by train or by a city bus. Winter dreams in Carinthia – in our hotel “Hotel Kärnten”.

Events at Lake Wörthersee and Carinthia

Biker / Skater – Adventure Day Wörthersee car-free  From 10.00 am until 5.00 pm the streets around the lake are closed for all motorized traffic. By bike or inline skates one can enjoy the incredible atmosphere.

Meeting at Lake Wörthersee – GTI Meeting in Reifnitz The meeting at Lake Wörth is about to start again – with plenty of action, various exhibitors and of course a lot of cars.

“Kicker-Velden-Cup”  The soccer clubs Velden, Köstenberg, St. Egyden, Rosegg, Schiefling and the “Veldener Tourismusgesellschaft” (tourism industry of Velden) invite all hobby soccer teams to a competition.

Tennis Championships European Senior Open for Super Seniors International Austrian Championships – Werzer Generali Cup

International Vintage Car Meeting „Die Rose vom Wörthersee“  The international vintage car meeting “Die Rose vom Wörthersee” in Pörtschach am Wörthersee only takes place every two years. Wörthersee Darts-Open “Darts bei Freunden” (darts with friends) – is an international darts tournament, which takes place for ten days every year. International Festival of Sports Cars Large engines, wide wheels and amazing chassis – the international sports car festival is about to take place again. In June the international sports car week and the international festival of sports cars will take place in Velden am Wörthersee.

Ironman Austria Triathlon  Europe’s largest triathlon event at Lake Wörth: over 3.000 athletes from all over the world take part in the triathlon called “IRONMAN” in Klagenfurt, Austria.

July – August  Street performers in Velden! Experience the promenade at the lake – free from traffic and noise – simply Velden! We can definitely improve your summer! Fete Blanche & The White Nights  THE highlight of the summer at Lake Wörth! Star Night at Lake Wörthersee Summer, sun, Carinthia and Lake Wörth. This wonderful mix will make the star night the perfect night.

“Kirchtag Maria Wörth”  The traditional “Kirchtag” in Maria Wörth with stands, Carinthian specialities and music…

“Marien-Schiffsprozession” (Marien boat procession)   Marien pilgrimage with boat procession “Reifnitzer Weintage” (Wine Days of Reifnitz)  Enjoy the numerous Austrian wines in a charming atmosphere  “Kärnten läuft” (Carinthia Runs) & Wörthersee Half Marathon  The fitness event at Lake Wörth Pink Lake Festival  The PINK LAKE Festival  (an event for the international Gay Community (GLBT)) will already take place for the x th time at the end of August. “Schieflinger Dorffest (Village Fair)”  This traditional and well-known fair takes place along the street “Lindenweg” – from the church to the elementary school. International Brahms Competition Brahms weeks of Pörtschach with the international competition “Johannes-Brahms-Wettbewerb” Rainhard Fendrich – Schwarzoderweiss Live Tour  The Austropop icon will be live on tour! “Veldener Herbstfest” (Velden’s Autumn Festival)
At the autumn festival in Velden winemakers and breweries from Austria, Italy and Slovene serve their products.

“Humorfestival Velden” (Humour Festival Velden)  Dear people with a sense of humour,
Enter our “humour-delicatessen (specialities)”!
For the x th time we invite you to spend four sensual festival days at Lake Wörthersee.
The Casineum will be transformed into a Varieté-Theatre during that time.

Wörthersee TRAIL-MANIAK  „50 SHADES OF GREEN“! Sheer running passion – numerous amazing (single) trails around the lake

Solemn Advent by the Lake  An idyllic place for the pre-Christmas time “Veldener Advent”  During the Advent season Velden becomes an illuminated city by the lake. Diligent angels clean the place and make it look magically.
Advent on the Pyramidenkogel (Observation Tower)  An Advent high up among the clouds —

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